Achieving equality for all Americans requires examining rights, opportunities, protections and access to justice through the lenses of race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability issues.

Across the United States the fight for equality is accelerating on the one hand, and encountering new obstacles on the other. For every step forward (Title IX, the right for same-sex couples to marry), new efforts emerge aimed at limiting equal treatment and equal access to education, justice, employment and participation in the political process (“religious freedom” bills, laws limiting access to reproductive care). Some obstacles to equality, like poverty, are deeply ingrained in American society. Others, like the recent flood of voter ID laws, are newly fabricated to tilt power to the few. All require persistent, strategic activism and advocacy to overcome.

Equality is an ideal of American democracy. Your participation in the political process is the key to achieving it and to establishing a more peaceful, prosperous society.

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