The People’s March

This march is in solidarity to The People’s March on Washington: The Impeachment March. For complete information, visit the link

We will march from the Washington County Courthouse at 11 a.m. to then rally in front of Old Main in Fayetteville at noon.

We are marching for the women, the immigrants and refugees, the disenfranchised, the dreamers, and the free press; we are marching for all people. This is not about Democrats or Republicans. These are bipartisan issues.

“We will not rest until all people of this nation feel safe, welcome, and free from oppression. We represent the people: a canvas of many colors, genders, religions, origins, and creeds but with the commonality that we are all a part of this country and have inalienable rights.”

On January 27th, we will march with thousands of others across the Nation in attempt to demand the impeachment and removal of President Donald Trump, and to fight to protect the rights of all marginalized people, create social justices, and ensure equality for all.