Protest the Funding of Bigotry and Hatred of Omar Navarro and Joe Arpaio

Disgraced Torrance Traffic Commissioner Omar Navarro is hosting a fundraiser to continue to fuel his hateful campaign against our communities in his race for US representative for California’s 43rd congressional district against Maxine Waters. His and his wife’s involvement in numerous incidents of violence in immigrant communities in Southeast Los Angeles is documented and led to his resignation in the city of Torrance. Now Navarro has teamed up with Joe Arpaio, a disgraceful individual who has committed a series of human and civil rights violations against the Latino community and has openly admitted to running what he described as a “concentration camp.” Outspoken Trump supporter and singer Joy Villa is also slated to join in the fundraiser. Join DEFEND as we protest the further funding of hate against our communities of color and let this trio know that their actions and value system have no place in California!! #DEFENDOurCommunities #DEFENDMovement