The PEOPLE’s Forum: Exonerees v. District Attorney

District Attorneys are among the most powerful elected officials in government. The decisions they make impact the lives of millions of people, including families and entire communities. Wrongful convictions by District Attorneys affect the lives of exonerees immeasurably.

Join us for an interactive panel discussion with Orange County exonerees and legal professionals. We will discuss the power of District Attorneys, their role in the issues we care about most, and what you can do in your community.

Panelists Include:
Kevin L. Green, Orange County Advocate and Exoneree
Gloria Killian, Sacramento Advocate and Exoneree
Ronnie Sandoval, Founder and Director of Arthur’s Center for the Wrongfully Convicted and surviving mother of Arthur Carmona, an Orange County Exoneree

We will also hear from representatives of the San Diego Innocence Project and the ACLU of Southern California.