Truth and Reconciliation Program

The only way to really make our communities safer for everyone is by working as a community to address our problems. Because of the proximity of the cities of East San Gabriel Valley, problems in one city can impact neighboring cities. For this reason, we are taking a regional approach to community-oriented policing. Nine law enforcement agencies in East San Gabriel Valley are participating in a truth and reconciliation program. The program is anticipated to go as follows:

Introductions and Announcements
Q & A with Regional Police Chiefs
City Breakout Segment
Group Debrief

Everyone will have an opportunity to express their concerns to their local police officers and have those officers respond to them and discuss positive ways of moving forward. We want to make actual plans because we want to see actual changes, so come let your voice be heard!

The participating law enforcement agencies include: (1) Azusa PD, (2) California Highway Patrol, (3) Claremont, (4) Covina, (5) Glendora, (6) LA County Sheriff, San Dimas Station, (7) La Verne, (8) Pomona, and (9) West Covina.