Chicago Pilgrim Walk 2017


In 2016 there were over 750 people
killed by gun in Chicago.
On New Year’s Eve of that year,
Rev. Mike Pfleger called upon all of Chicago
to face up to the gun violence crisis
that plagues certain neighborhoods
more profoundly than others.

Rev. Pfleger acknowledged the countless efforts
being made to curb the violence by generous,
determined people, most of whom were
touched personally by the killing.

But he also declared that those efforts alone
are not enough, that the rest of Chicago
needs to get active, to “do something every day”
to stop the insanity of gun violence.

On April 4, Chicago’s Catholic archbishop,
Blase Cupich announced the creation of
a new foundation to fund anti-violence programs
throughout Chicago, expanding existing mentorship,
educational and job programs.

From these calls to “get active,”
Chicago Pilgrim Walk was born.
Chicago Pilgrim Walk is a pilgrimage
to holy sites in Chicago:
sites made holy by their participation
in the Passion of Christ (via death by gun);
sites made holy by the people working
to transform this violence into peace.

Chicago Pilgrim Walk invites us into
a 3-day meditation on the scourge of gun violence
and the response to it made by
courageous people committed to
turning their personal pain into the balm needed
to heal our wounded communities.

Chicago Pilgrim Walk will begin downtown,
near the seat of power and prestige,
and wind its way through the areas
that have been most affected by homicides
this past year, ending in Austin
with the simple plea to continue allowing yourself
to be moved to action
in response to the senseless killing.

Chicago is becoming a place defined by
its multitude of shootings.
You and I know this is not what Chicago is.
We walk to claim all of Chicago as our home,
and to become inspired to act to make our home
a peaceful place for all.

Chicago Pilgrim Walk begins Friday, October 13,
from 8th Day Center for Justice, 205 W. Monroe,
and disperses Sunday, October 15, 5pm.

On Friday, September 8, 7-9pm,
a Pilgrim’s Prep will be held
to help us prepare our minds and hearts
for the journey ahead. Further details to follow.