Intersectionality & Trump Anti-Bday Rally Chicago

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Save the date: June 14, 2017 is not only Flag Day, but also President Trump’s birthday.

Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the Flag of the United States. On National Flag Day, Americans are asked to honor what the American Flag represents, which is independence and unity. Two ideals that we believe America’s current administration are in oppositon of.

There is no better way to celebrate Flag Day, then to throw an anti-birthday party for President Trump while sending his administration a clear message through a true representation of independence and unity!

The Intersectionality Rally will provide all individuals, organizations, and groups an opportunity to raise awareness, allowing all that oppose this current administration and the systemic issues that existed long before this administration a chance to better acknowledge, understand, and utilize the differences among us!

No matter your social catergoraization, all are invited as there are no barriers to entry. ALL ARE WELCOME.

Let’s send a clear message to the nation that we will not allow discriminatory and oppressive ideologies to keep those of us who believe in and value diversity from joining in a unified front as fights are not mutually exclusive!

As this event comes together and permits are obtained, the location will be shared.

If you want to collaborate, cosponsor, or have an idea, please send correspondence to: