Women’s March to the Polls

It’s been almost a year of resistance and we’re all still here and still rising. In fact, we’re making great strides in finding our voices and smashing old institutions and ways of thought. However, with 45 in the White House and the Republicans controlling all three branches of Government, there is still much work to be done. Please join us on the anniversary weekend of the Women’s March to lend our voices to kick off a statewide effort (there will be marches in Chicago and Carbondale as well) to organize our voters to the polls ahead of the March primary and November election in 2018. Don’t forget to wear your hats! Action Illinois is also hosting our first annual Anniversary Party and Awards the same evening, please join us for that as well, and if you’re not in Springfield, State House Inn (844-479-5558) is offering a special rate for those who’d like to stay over. Please join us for a wonderful weekend of celebration and solidarity of making our voices heard this past year!

We’ve got shirts – get them here – https://kellytracy.com/collections/womens-march-2018

Youth sized shirts: https://kellytracy.com/collections/womens-march-2018/products/feminist-youth-tee

Sign making party here – https://www.facebook.com/events/1993556360914577/

Action Illinois Anniversary Party here –