Nationwide Solidarity March for Peace – Washington D.C.

NYAToday is excited to be hosting this event!

Nationwide Solidarity March for Peace will be a day for people to come together to share their love and compassion to call out the hatred and violence that is taking place in our society. This is a day for people of all political and religious affiliations, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, disabilities, ages and every other aspect of a human being.

This will be a day for everyone with a compassionate heart and open mind to come together and celebrate love and unity! This will be a non-violent march. Our hope is to give everyone a day to celebrate our differences all while uniting together. We encourage peace, no violence, and above all else: Love for one another.

Disclaimer: Nationwide Solidarity March for Peace is not the organizer of this event, and we are currently looking for organizers who share our vision. Please refer to our main page for more information, and if you or someone you know would be interested in organizing a march, please contact us on

Confirmed marches:
Ann Arbor, Michigan (Corky Wa & Jessica Prozinski):
Fargo, North Dakota (North Dakota Human Rights Coalition):
Denver, Colorado (March for Humanity):
Duluth MN-Superior WI (March to Dismantle the Legacy of Racism)

Unconfirmed marches (seeking possible organizers):
Seattle, Washington:
New York City, New York:
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
Detroit, Michigan:
Jacksonville, Florida:
Atlanta, Georgia:
Boston, Massachusetts:
New Orleans, Louisiana:
Houston, Texas:
Chicago, Illinois:
Milwaukee, Wisconsin:
Minneapolis, Minnesota:
Columbus, Ohio:
El Paso, Texas:
South Bend, Indiana:
Salt Lake City, Utah:
Los Angeles, California:
San Francisco, California:
Portland, Oregon: