Pack the Court for Glo w/ Charlotte Uprising!

Glo has been indicted on 2 felony charges. They were targeted after last year’s protests surrounding the murder of Keith Lamont Scott and Justin Carr. Glo was one of the folks who carried Justin Carr’s body to the ambluance on 9/21.

Glo is actively invovled in organizing here in Charlotte as well as across the region as it relates to Black & Lantinx solidarity, gender justice, trans liberation, economic justice, environmental justice, and Black and indigenous solidarity.

The state is trying to hold Glo responsibile for inciting a riot and assault on an officer. We strongly condem and decry these claims. For those of us who participated in the protests and demonstrations after 9/20/2016, we know that it was CMPD who incited the riots and instilled fear in our community.

Glo deserves gratitute for fighting on behalf of all working class people and more significantly, Glo deserves our support as they face more repression and incarceration from the state.