DEA 360 Rally- Nutter Center

The Drug Enforcement Administration and Wright State University are partnering to host a large rally. The rally is a high energy motivating rally to have the conver- sation “What happens when tragedy strikes.” This conversation is surrounding the theme of addiction, but can be applied to other tragedies of life. The three major learning objectives are:

1) awareness of how to handle life altering events before they happen
2) how to rally and change yourself in the mist of tragedy
3) how to get involved with the community and others to provide aid.

These topics will be covered by musicians, sports stars, military heroes, and the youth who have gone through tragedy. Featured speakers are Alexis Gomez from American Idol; Joe Piersante, a wounded Afghan veteran; Todd Crandell, Iron Man competitor; Lucian Read, executive producer; and Major General Price (Army-retired).