San Diego Tax March

Join thousands of San Diegans on Saturday, April 15th, to protest Donald Trump and his family’s numerous conflicts-of-interest. As we protest Trump, we also acknowledge that Trump’s conflicts are a symptom of a deeper problem in our tax structure, and the structure of our economy as-a-whole; that ultra-wealthy and profitable corporations manipulate our tax structure and the gloabal financial markets to get out of paying taxes, and keep most of their profits for themselves or their wealthy investors. This design-flaw in our economy results in wealth for the richest 1% , and hardship and inequality for the remaining 99%. This status quo is no longer acceptable.

We, the people, make the following demands:

1) We demand that Congress subpoena Donald Trump’s tax returns in order to investigate his conflicts of interest. When his conflicts of interest are proven, Congress should push for impeachment.
2) We demand an end to ALL budget cuts to all social services, schools, earned benefits, and safety net programs, as well as a moratorium on tuition increases at public colleges and universities.
3) We demand that corporations pay their fair share of taxes, and end the practice of offshoring profits that originated from the United States. We demand that our lawmakers fix the loopholes in our tax structures that allow corporations and wealthy individuals to do that.
4) Wall Street Firms and Banks stop gambling with people’s mortgages, retirement funds, student loan and credit card debt, etc. Their predatory financial practices only squeeze the poorest of us.
5) The County of San Diego take some of their $1.8 billion surplus of our tax dollars and invest it in our public sector workers, our roads and infrastructure, our public transit systems, and ending homelessness, to name a few of our priorities.

We, the taxpayers, expect our voices to be heard. We will not stay silent as we, the wealthiest nation on the face of the Earth, continue to have a President who uses his office for personal financial gain, and we will no longer tolerate corporations or politicians that prioritize profits over the people. We are the 99%, and our voices will be heard!

Saturday, April 15th,
10am – 12pm
1600 Pacific Highway (Harbor Drive side of the building)

10am – Gather at the County Adminstration Building
10:15 – Rally begins
10:50 – March begins
Noon – March ends at Civic Center Plaza, Teach-ins begin



We would like you to host a teach-in at the Civic Center Plaza after the march. We will announce teach-ins before the march begins. Please contact to include your teach-in on the schedule.


From the Prc SD:
Tax Day March & War Tax Redirection!

From SPOT Strategies Community
Teach-In on Tax Day!


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-The original San Diego call to action, posted Jan 22nd, 2017-

From Tax March:

On January 22, senior Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway told us that President Trump is “not going to release his tax returns” because “People don’t care”.

According to The Hill 74% of Americans want to see Trump’s tax returns and over 300,000 Americans have signed a petition for them to be released.

On Saturday, April 15, 2017, we’ll demand Trump release his tax returns. We’ll tell him, “YES WE CARE.”

Join us in San Diego at The County Adminstration Building/Waterfront Park and demand that Trump release his tax returns immediately!

We are gathering together on what is traditionally Tax Day, April 15th, (taxes are due this year on the 4/18 due to the weekend) to protest Donald Trump and his refusal to show the American people his taxes and disclose ALL of his business interests.

However we know quite a bit from the 4 pages that were leaked, and we don’t need to see the rest of Donald’s tax returns to know that he hasn’t been paying his federal income tax for nearly 20 years! He essentially even admited to not paying taxes when Hillary accused him of this during the debates, and his reply was “That makes me smart”…


We need to see his taxes for many, many reasons, but primarily because he owns and is invested in hundreds of businesses and properties overseas, and any payments to his businesses by a foreign government or entity violate the “emoluments clause” of the Constitution of the US. As an example, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, a state-owned bank, are tennants of Trump Tower in NYC. This is a conflict of interest because the Chinese government is writting checks to the Trump Family, and can use this, as well as any other dealings between the Trumps and the Chinese, as leverage in negotiations, or even worse. There is also nothing stopping other foreign governments from using the Trump investments in their countries as personal blackmail in negotiations with the United States. The fact that he didn’t divest from EVERY SINGLE ONE of his businesses means that he is putting his profit and his pride before the political and economic security of the United States. Unacceptable.

These kinds of unethical practices around not disclosing or paying taxes aren’t exclusive to the Trump family and corporation, as thousands of the richest 1%ers in this country, and the corporations they run pays no federal taxes. We find it absolutely insane that ONLY 20% OF PROFITABLE CORPORATIONS PAY FEDERAL TAXES! Companies like GM, GE, Apple, Merck, Verizon, PG&E, News Corp, and HP, all have not been paying federal taxes for YEARS! THIS NEEDS TO END! Corporations and the wealthy need to pay their fair share of taxes!

This When Fortune 500 corporations and billionaires don’t want to pay taxes, and they negotiate with our elected officials to create or keep loopholes so they don’t need to, that leaves the American people and all levels of government with 2 options: 1 cut back on government spending (an odious option when it comes to social services and our safety nets), or tax the poor and the middle class at a higher tax rate. When that isn’t enough to cover everything, governments are forced to take out bonds from wealthy banks, and the money from that bond is literally THE SAME MONEY THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN TAXED OUTRIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE, and makes the poor and middle class promise to squeeze ourselves tighter in the future, and use our future tax dollars to pay for the interest/profits on the loan. Large bonds are a scam for the wealthy, and awful men, men like Trump, have been scamming the American people like this since even before the founding of this country.

These same corporations also scam the American Worker out of their rightful wages. Productivity in the United States has been on the rise, and the rate of growth has been increasing too, however this productivity has not been reflected on most Americans paychecks. Real median wages have been largely stagnant since the 1970s, and more than half of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck despite massive profits from the corporations they work for. This doesn’t just result in misery and poverty for Americans, but because people aren’t able to make a living wage, they can’t purchase all the things they need to for themselves and their families, and the products that they need will stay on the store shelves and go to waste and businesses will lose their investment. Our countries expanding levels of wealth inequality are economically counter-cyclical, and completely immoral. (Some view this as the paradox of capitalism; capitalism/capitalists impoverish the very consumers who need to buy the products and services.)

We must join together as Workers and as Americans and demand that Donald Trump, and all the people like him, pay ALL of their taxes, and to stop pushing the American people into deeper poverty and economic deppresion!