StarveTheGOP Trump Tax March to Apple Store

Please visit our website at if you’d like to sign our petitions to Apple, Intel, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or to donate to help our campaign.

We call on the executives and board of Apple to #StarveTheGOP till Trump’s tax returns are public! Bring your signs to pressure Apple by picketing outside their store, on the sidewalk, on a busy Saturday. Photographer and press will be there to amplify our message.

– Anna Eshoo – Our Congresswoman
– Byron Burkhalter – Author, Professor and Sociologist
– Hal Plotkin – Obama Administration Senior Policy Advisor
– Gulliver, 50-year Palo Alto resident, beloved local guitarist and music teacher

Apple CEO Tim Cook, along with Gary Wipfler, Apple’s Treasurer, hosted a private breakfast fundraiser for Speaker Paul Ryan in June 2016 – after it was clear Trump was the GOP Presidential nominee. The money benefited not only the speaker, but a joint fundraising committee that helped elect other House Republicans.

Separately, in just 2016, Apple was responsible for $203,620 directly donated to GOP candidates. Apple joined other Silicon Valley companies in pouring millions into GOP coffers, second only to oil & gas companies. These dollars power the re-election campaigns of all Republicans in Congress, and for this reason, they vote almost entirely along party lines on all nominations and legislative actions.

Every presidential nominee over the past 40 years has released tax returns, but President Trump refuses to. The GOP has the power to force a release, but instead, they keep voting to keep Trump’s tax returns secret. Trump’s returns will disclose whether he has conflicts of interest and business ties with foreign powers that can compromise our national security and sovereignty.

By RSVPing for this event, I pledge to comply with the law, and I commit to act non-violently in word and deed.