The ‘Hey there Mr. Man’ Resistance Statement’ from Monterey, CA

The medium is the message. In this instance the medium will entail 6 letters, an underline, and as many exclamation points as is humanly possible in our effort to send a message on this, the most sacred of holidays: almost Tax Day (tax day is actually on April 18 this year). It sure would be nice to see those Tax Returns Mr. ‘who will not be named as he has no mandate’ (also, pay your taxes Zuckerberg, Cook, Thiel, and their ilk). Please join us in sending this pressing message of peace, love and rebellion to Monterey, the Federal Administration, the globe, and beyond.

This event will be a sister event in solidarity with a massive movement occurring in San Francisco on the same day, as well as on beaches around the country (NYC, Seattle, San Diego, Denver) and around the world. We thank artist Brad Newsham of SF for his guidance.

We will meet at Monterey’s Del Monte Beach in front of the eucalyptus trees near the volleyball courts close to the Wharf from 10am-Noon on Saturday, April 15. We will be documenting this extraordinary affair via drones, reporters in a plane, and quite possibly a ladder (safety first people). The photo will occur at 11:30am Sharp! Don’t miss the boat! Tack port!

For those of us who attempt to be environmentally-friendly and would like to participate in a Beach Clean-up prior to the event, Surfrider will be organizing an action to coincide. Take that cigarette butts!

The event will include a Resistance Yoga & Breathwork exercise, accoustic protest jams from Cowboy Starr, and a live Podcast from local Environmental luminary Dr. Jason Scorse.

Worst case, I’ll spell it with kelp.
Peace and Lovely,
Radical Resilience LLC