Nevertheless, She Persisted Tattoo Event

EVENT FULL! Add your name to the waitlist thread if you would like to fill in, should someone have to cancel.

Since the election many of us have felt mute, unheard, invalidated. Elizabeth Warren, a fighter among us, was told to quiet down, told to sit down while fighting for the light of all women. Nevertheless, she persisted.

We too will persist, as a sisterhood of resistance, we will mark our bodies in declaration of our solidarity. Please join us for a day of community, an event to raise money for She Should Run and to reconnect and resist.

Our event will be utilizing the original design by graphic designer Chelsea Brink ( Tattoos will cost $75 with $55 going directly to She Should Run, a non-profit orgnaization dedicated to dramatically increasing the number of women in public leadership by eliminating barriers to success. (Due to the nature of this event, no ribs, neck, or hand placement).

We will have Nevertheless, She Persisted temporary tattoos available for purchase onsite for those women who are ready to resist, but not quite ready (or legally of age) to take the permanent plunge.

Please share with your circle of women and can’t wait to see you all there!