Tax March Des Moines

Hey all! The National #TaxMarch Day of Action is just around the corner! In Des Moines, we’ll be kicking things off at Noon on Saturday April 15, at Cowles Commons downtown Des Moines. Next week we’ll be posting lots of shareables, as well as releasing an AMAZING speaker list! stay tuned!

April 15, we march!

1. Minorities are unfairly targeted by federal tax codes and typically pay a higher rate of taxes. We will not tolerate attacks of any kind against minorities in Iowa.
2. Donald Trump has not released his tax returns. We do not know how his private business enterprises are entangled with OUR Federal Government. We demand the release of Trump’s tax returns.
3. Our tax monies are being improperly allocated resulting in cuts to education, healthcare, infrastructure, housing, state and federal employees, state and federal agencies, and more. We demand a financially responsible state and federal government.
4. Our tax dollars will be used to support the building of a wall along the southern border and the building of the Keystone and DAPL pipelines. We demand the building of a wall and pipelines be stopped by Senators Ernst and Grassley and Congressmen King, Young, Loebsack, and Blum.
5. We demand representation with our taxation!

On April 15th we stand with Black Lives Matter, immigrants, Planned Parenthood, DVIP, labor unions, environmentalists, and public servants.

We will protest at all of the 5 IRS locations, which are also the offices of our US Senators.

Des Moines
Cedar Rapids
Sioux City