Stand Up, Speak Out 2017

Nevertheless, Kansas persisted.

The MainStream Education Foundation is proud to announce our 17th annual Stand Up, Speak Out Awards Dinner, which will be held at 5 pm on October 22nd, 2017, at the Overland Park Convention Center, in Overland Park, KS.

Save the date. Tickets will be available in September.

This year, we are honoring Duane Goossen, Senior Fellow at the Kansas Center for Economic Growth, for his insistence, over the past five years, that there is a better way to fund state government. He has doggedly shown Kansans, in his writing, and at forums across the state, that the tax policies enacted in 2012 hurt our state. He has steadfastly advocated for policies that do not burden any single segment of Kansans, that responsibly fund the duties of government, and set the state on a path to success. We will also celebrate the 115 Kansas state legislators—from both parties—who ultimately had the courage to override the Governor’s veto of tax reform, and turn five years of resistance into forward progress.

This year we have taken our colors from the Kansas state flag to celebrate that despite it all, Kansas persisted!

We are excited to welcome Dan Glickman to our stage for the keynote speech. Glickman was a member of the Kansas Congressional delegation for 18 years, served as US Secretary of Agriculture under Bill Clinton, and is now a Senior Fellow at the Bipartisan Policy Center.

On this night we are honoring those who got us to this point, celebrating the spirit of courage that made it possible, and gathering strength for the fight ahead. Ad astra, per aspera. Kansas is showing the nation the way.

Make plans to join us on October 22, 2017.