Tax Justice: Funding our Human Rights!

You are invited to join us for breakfast and an interactive workshop about taxes!

For decades, politicians have been highly effective at stoking fear, anger and mistrust around taxes in order to push policies that hurt everyday people & benefit the wealthy. The truth is that not all taxes are created equal! Some taxes reinforce inequality, and some make society more equitable and fair. In order to win our human rights like the Human Right to Health Care, we need to have a transparent tax system that we all understand, that only takes what people are able to give, and which prioritizes human beings over profit & wealth.

Join us for an interactive workshop, where we’ll explore some basic concepts about taxes, and learn about how fair Maine’s current tax system is. What is a “progressive” versus “regressive” tax? What are different ways to collect taxes? Which methods are better for everyday people? How do we make sure corporations and the wealthy pay their fare share? What do our taxes pay for, and do we have a say?

As part of our Health Care is a Human Right campaign, we regularly host “Member Breakfasts,” open to anyone who wants to come share a meal, learn how to get involved, develop organizing skills, and/or deepen their knowledge about a particular aspect of health care justice. We hope you can join us! Bring a friend!

We provide coffee, hot tea and breakfast. Rides and childcare are available. To RSVP for childcare or a ride, contact or 207-200-7692.

Hosted by the Health Care is a Human Right Portland Organizing Committee