Tax March MN: Show Us the Money!

Please join us for a Tax Day March and Rally at our State Capitol in St. Paul, Minnesota on Saturday, April 15th: This is not a political party issue – this is a Minnesota issue.

The White House said no one cares about the President’s tax returns. We are marching because all politicians, including the President, must be accountable to the American people. Trump must act in the public interest and release his returns, divest his holdings, and disclose his conflicts of interest.

Join us to proclaim our democracy’s independence from Dark Money! We must shine a light on the flow of money between our candidates, office holders, corporations, lobbyists, and individuals. We must “Trust, but Verify:” we trust that most people willing to subject themselves to a political campaign are in it for the good of the state, but we must be able to verify that.

If you want to be on the ballot in Minnesota, show us the money!

Please join us we reclaim the integrity and accountability of our democracy!

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DONATION! – to chip in some tax-deductible cash and help us pay for a safe, inclusive, and exciting march!

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