Tax March – NYC

It’s April 15th and our taxes are due. What about you, Donald? Are you going to show us your taxes, or are you just a big chicken?

Trump’s team says the election proved no one cares about his taxes. On April 15th, we’re coming out to tell Trump we care about his taxes, and ask him #WhatAreYouHiding?

Is it…connections with foreign governments? Conflicts of interest? The fact that he avoids paying taxes despite the millions of dollars immigrants and working people pay in taxes?

For every dollar Trump has likely evaded in paying in his taxes, there’s another reason Trump should be releasing his tax returns to his constituents (so there’s millions).

On April 15th at 1pm, we’ll participate in a nation-wide movement right here in NYC . We’ll have speakers, signs, and yes — a gigantic chicken to let 45 know what we think of him.

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