The TurnUP!

Read and sign the petition here:

“Marijuana Decriminalization, Repair Communities in Proportion!”

“They fabricate the war on drugs and jail Blacks as violent thugs”

DWC: TurnUP! is an Earthday kickback dedicated, to confronting the racist underpinnings of the so called “War on Drugs”

Half politcal expression and half communal affirmation, The TurnUp! is a concsious day in the park where music, food, artwork, gifts, perfomances, speeches, dance and relevant literature are welcome and encouraged.

Petition to ratify the bill can be found in the event discussion.


1.) The Drug War is Anti Black and Racist

2.) Criminalization for drug possesion is a moral failing.

3.) Marijuana has medical uses and is inexpensive

4.) Tax revenue projections

How to Particpate:

– Sign and Share the Petition

– Bring your most intersectional politcally concisous self.

– Get creative, get excited and let it be known that New York won’t tolerate racist divisive policy

TURNUP! on April 22nd and let New York State Know.
The War on Drugs will be tolerated no longer!