MAY DAY 2017: Disrupt the Circus!

May 1st marks the 101st day of the circus that is the Trump presidency. Disrupt Eugene, along with Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network, Lane Community Defense Network, and many other groups are calling on our community to Disrupt the Circus this May Day!

The theme is exposing the absurdity of American politics and the volatile joys of resisting them. The carnival will be a reminder that a gleeful and triumphant people, united against hate, is a powerful weapon against this seemingly dire situation. It will be a celebration of solidarity, community resilience, with brevity clashing uproariously with levity!
Free food will be provided in the morning and afternoon with games and activities throughout the day.

There will be space for organizations to table for their causes, and room for speakers, artists and musicians to have their voices heard.
Please join us at our next planning meeting.

Contact us if you would like to table, suggest a speaker or band, or any other questions or concerns at
We also fully support smaller, affinity groups acting autonomously that day; reach out!