Community Tax Clinic

Trans Equity Project, formally known as TIP, is a “for trans/by trans” advocacy and resource program located in North Philadelphia’s Norris Square Park…

Finding a tax preparer with an in-depth understanding of the financial and personal lives of Trans and Queer individuals can be difficult. That shouldn’t mean that you should miss out on filing your tax return and claiming credits and deductions that you’re entitled to receive.

Did you know…

If you itemize, you may be able to deduct the out-of-pocket cost of transition-related care, including: surgery; reproductive health care, including abortion; and HIV-related care.


The IRS checks your name and gender marker against the Social Security Administration’s database.

For many in our community, the process of filing a tax return can be uncomfortable. Come thru to our Community Tax Clinic and file your taxes with an LGBTQIA affirming professional tax service, with no upfront out of pocket expense!

To schedule your appointment to file your taxes, please call the Trans Equity Project at (267) 457-3912 ext. 113 or 115