Nashville Tax Rally

Nashville Tax March – Nashville

This is a rally to demand government transparency. This is a rally to protest income inequality. This is a rally to demand that Donald Trump release his tax returns!

It is an American tradition that presidential candidates release their tax returns. As of this moment, Donald Trump is the only candidate in decades to win the presidency and to avoid doing this. This is despite repeatedly promising on the campaign trail that he would do so once an IRS audit is completed.

The IRS has stated that there is no rule against someone under audit releasing their tax returns. So, there has to be another reason Trump will not release his returns.

Given his vast wealth, there are numerous potential conflicts of interest, both foreign and domestic, that he may wish to keep hidden. There is also the possibility that he has paid a much lower share of taxes than he has led people to believe.

On April 15, we, the American public, gather to demand answers!