Trump’s Tax March – Houston

The National Tax March isn’t an organization–it’s a movement. The White House said no one cares about the President’s tax returns. We are marching because the President must be accountable to the American people. On April 15th, we will demand that Trump act in the public interest and release his returns.

We are marching to demand that Congress vote in favor of forcing the IRS to release President Trump’s tax returns for review to verify that he is in compliance with the emoluments clause. This is especially important now with the daily revelations of his contacts with Russia.

This is a nonpartisan issue. President Trump represents the United States of America and will make decisions on behalf of us as a nation, including foreign relations. It is imperative that we see his business interests globally to determine whether there are any conflicts of interest. We must make sure that he puts our country first over his own personal financial success. President Trump claims that nobody is interested in seeing his returns but let’s show him he is grossly mistaken. Invite your friends, Republican, Democratic, Independents, Liberal, Conservatives, every American you know. Share with the groups you are in. Let us march together as AMERICANS!

Location to be downton Houston, but subject to change. Those who attend are encouraged to wear green shirts, while some marches are wearing chicken hats, accountant visors, or green sweatbands. We would be glad to see you in any of those items! We do discourage marchers from wearing anything that obscures the face, as this is a family friendly, law abiding event. Please stay tuned for more updates, and visit our website,, for more details!

By RSVPing for this event, I pledge to comply with the law and I commit to act non-violently in word and deed.