The People’s March

If you are unfamiliar with Unity For Democracy, we are an organization that started as a group of activists who were fed up with the current state of our country and the mass corruption taking place. We conducted an event in Washington, D.C. last October called, “Take Back Democracy March”.

We all had such a great time at this event, that we decided that we are going to have one again. THIS October! We spoke to several of our previous speakers who plan on joining us again. We also have some new, very exciting speakers this year! We will be posting MORE details shortly. So keep an eye out.

We are working to make this event BIGGER and BETTER than last year. This year our event will be called, “The People’s March”. This time we will be focusing on MANY of the issues we, and many others, believe are occurring in our country, which include but are not limited to:
NO MORE WARS, police brutality, Flint, Michigan water, environmental issues, false flags/distractions, universal healthcare, and election reform.

This event is a wonderful opportunity to network with many other activists and have a fun time while doing so!

We are also planning to have a brunch/gathering the following day; activists can come to just hang out, eat, and get to know each other beyond the computer screen.

#SeeYaInDC #Part2

Stay tuned…