Rally for Science Tucson

Join us in the Rally for Science!! Help spread the word!!

The Rally for Science at El Presidio will include rousing speakers, 20+ engaging science booths, and lively entertainment! This is our time to take a stand, so let’s shake the ground at El Presidio! Some people are taking the initiative to form groups that will march into El Presidio on sidewalks from all directions. We appreciate the many ways you want to demonstrate your support, and we’ll be there to welcome you at El Presidio! See you there!

Our mission is to (1) advocate for the role of science in our lives, (2) send the message to current and future presidents that we need research-based legislation and policy, and (3) show that we want more funding for STEAM programs and agencies. So, though we are pointing out decisions by the Trump administration that we disagree with, we do not intend to commit the fallacy of ad hominem.