#KissAwayHate Orlando Massacre 1 Year Memorial Virgil

***This is the OFFICIAL EVENT for the Sacramento 1 Year Orlando Nightclub Shooting Massacre Memorial Candlelight Virgil***

#KissAwayHate’s Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting Massacre 1 Year Memorial Anniversary Virgil Rally

#KissAwayHate presents the 1 Year Anniversary of the Orlando Shooting Massacre at the Pulse Nightclub that happened on June 12, 2016 and we want to pay tribute of remembrance of the 49 Victims that lost their precious lives during the horrible tragedy due to ISIS Terrorism Attacks that impacted on the LGBT Commuinty especially here in Sacramento, CA.

The KissAwayHate Founders and Local Commuinty Leaders will be organizing this “Pray For Orlando” Event at the Sacramento State Capital on June 12, 2017 in the evening for our Candlelight Vigil, Speakers, Entertainment, and a moment of silence tribute for the Orlando Victims, The Pulse Nightclub, and the City of Orlando!

More Information will be coming soon.

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Please Come Out & Invite,
Kiss Away Hate Co-Founders

Reverned Dusty Arnold & Don McCormick

“We want to show a simple form of love—-a kiss”



Hosted by KissAwayHate
Reverend Dusty Arnold (Cofounder)
Don McCormick (Cofounder)