Lets build a movement organize,and create alliances Co-Sponsored by SURJ (Showing Up For Racial Justice) and Indivisble Women For America

For event details register by clicking here: http://eastpointpeace.org/event/nonviolent-organizing-oxnard/
Create alliances, talk with experts, and register to vote.We will be taught by Kazu Haga who was trained by one of Martin Luther Kings top advisors during the civil rights movement Dr. Bernard Lafayette. Kazu is now one of the worlds leading experts in ‘activating activists’, non violence lifestyle, kingian nonviolence and creating long term campaigns not just a march. He has also worked with local shero Carmen Perez (from Oxnard) one of four national co chairs of the women’s march.

In this two-day workshop, we will engage in conversations, practice role-plays and study current and historical movements to:
Learn how to create pressure and leverage through direct actions;
Learn different types of direct action
An analysis of the different types and levels of conflict, and how they escalate and deescalate
The history of the Civil Rights Movement and some of Dr. King’s philosophies
The principles (the will) Kingian Nonviolence, how to view and transform conflict
The steps (the skill) of Kingian Nonviolence, how to engage with conflict and organize a campaign
Explore several different campaign and movement building frameworks;
Learn how to create pressure and leverage through direct actions;
Learn how to utilize that leverage to get us closer to a goal;
Understand the difference between tactics, strategies and goals;
Explore key concepts and tools such as power mapping, spectrum of allies and pillars of support;
This training will be conducted by Kazu Haga of East Point Peace Academy.