The 100th Day March

We have been challenged since the day he announced his candidacy. In his first 5 days he has made decisions that impact all Americans, future Americans and our relationship with other countries all over the world. He promised to make America great again-lets show him that America is already great. He wants to build a “Wall” to protect our borders, in reality he will separate families…. He wants to “fix” ObamaCare, however his decision impacts the health and well-being of millions of families. He believes his administration should decide what is best for woman and how they should manage their own health and bodies.
He has blocked the opportunity of refugees coming to a safe place in order to find a new home, however he has forgotten that his wife was given the same opportunity to call America home…. He challenges the rights of LGBTQ, women, people of color, our communities, Muslims, etc. We must show him that our people, our rights and our future are what make America great!