Islam 101 Seminars – Theological view of Judaism & Christianity

There has been tremendous demand from our neighbors to know about our religion and community. To meet these demands Islamic Center of Boulder in partnership with ICNA is pleased to offer free seminars as per the following schedule.

Prerequisite: None. A basic understanding of Islam will be of help, however, everyone is welcome.
Classes begin on April 5th, at 6:30 on every other Wednesday for a total of 4 Seminars before summer break, Insha Allah (God Willing). The class duration will be about 2 to 2.5 hours. Seats are limited. The registration will be closed when maximum number of registration is reached. So kindly register early.
The tentative schedules are as follows
Seminar I: April 5th: Brief History of Islam, Five Pillars, Belief System etc.
Seminar II: April 19th: Theological view of Judaism and Christianity in Islam and related subjects.
Seminar III: May 3rd: Demystifying Shariah (Islamic Law)
Seminar IV: May 17th: Women in Islam
Islamic Center of Boulder (Basement)
5495 Baseline Road, Boulder , 80303
Instructor: Various
Note: There will be a break of about 10 mins for Maghrib (evening) prayer.