March For Science Colorado Springs

It’s with a heavy heart that I must say I have to cancel the Colorado Springs March for Science. The cost of having an event like this one was an unknown going in. The date for the event was announced by the National march 70 days before the event. Typically, a permit requires 90 days advance application, but the City of Colorado Springs waved that. We couldn’t estimate the cost until the permit was submitted, so I submitted a permit for Acacia Park and the march route. The costs rose quickly. This event would cost roughly $7,000.00. I did what I could to raise funds, and contemplated cancelling it back when there would have been plenty of notice to the attendees. A new addition to the committee offered to cover all expenses, so we proceeded. Our donor pulled out, leaving me personally culpable for the cost of the event, which would go to collections. We barely raised $2,000.00. With the short time window, and the high costs of the event, I had to make the crushing decision to cancel this event.
There is a march in Denver, and plenty of Earth Day activities happening in Colorado Springs on April 22nd. I would like to personally encourage you all to keep this love of science going. If you can make it to Denver, please do so. If not, please look into the other science outreach events happening in Colorado Springs that day.
Denver March for Science

As the GoFundMe page stated, the money raised and not used for the event will go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, a nonprofit that works to secure the safety and wellbeing of the planet and all of the animals we share it with. Their animal conservation work is admirable. Not only that, but they are vocal sustainability advocates because this is the only planet we have.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Welcome to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

For all personal inquiries regarding this decision and what you can do to be an involved science advocate, please feel free to email me:

Your Friend in Science,
Jessica Morris