May Day in Boulder

This May Day, stand with workers, stand with immigrants, and stand on your feet with Fairview SDS and Boulder DSA as we rally and march in solidarity with the international working class!

Workers in the US and around the world are being squeezed by greedy corporations and corrupt governments. They are sick due to the high cost of healthcare and massive pollution. They are poor because profits go to shareholders and executive bonuses instead of themselves.

Immigrants are scapegoated as the cause of terrorism, unemployment, falling wages, and almost every issue in society. The Trump administration is trying to blame all of American workers’ problems on immigrants to hide its complete contempt for anyone not in the 1%.

It’s time to realize that the system isn’t broken; it’s working exactly as it was meant to. Join us in demanding something better.

All are welcome to attend, and signs are encouraged! There will be a short march after the rally concludes.