Rally for Equality and American Values

This is an event for people to stand up for peace, diversity, and love and to stand AGAINST Neo-Nazis and everything they represent.

This event is open to people of every race, religion, orientation and class. We hope to include people from across the political spectrum: liberal, conservative, progressive, libertarian and everyone else in between. So long as you value fairness and equality as bedrock American principles, you are welcome here.

Please join us on the afternoon of Saturday April 29th to peacefully and joyfully remind our community of the values that unite us. We expect rousing speeches, great music, and a whole bunch of people who are passionate about this place we call home. We hope we see you there!


Please note that the Neo-Nazis from the Traditional Worker’s Party plan to wear black dress shirts, black pants, black boots and aviator sunglasses to their event. In order to help our attendees stand apart from them, please wear bright, colorful clothing and big smiles.


Many thanks to JJ Waters for his amazing original artwork for our poster! A version without text is available in the comments below for anyone who wants to use the image for posters at the rally.

Event Coordinators for Contacting:
Donations/Finance: Raabia Wazir
Religious Groups/Groups/Speakers: Christian Marcum
Media/Public Relations: Ariana Velasquez
Music/Booking/Concert: Daryl Amburgey
Volunteering: Daryl Amburgey or Ariana Velasquez or Christian Marcum
Merch and Businesses : Ariana Velasquez or Christian Marcum