Youth Action March – Boston

The Youth Action March is intended to turn political hopelessness into political empowerment. No matter your age, you have a tremendous ability to move your city, your state, and your country in a more inclusive and forward-looking direction.

The Youth Action March is a chance to stand up for what you believe in, send a strong signal to the government, and most importantly, take critical steps to getting involved with REAL action that can change your community.

The Youth Action March will bring together people who want to improve their country and organizations that need your help to keep fighting for change.

Be ready to be inspired by powerful organizations and incredible under-25 speakers. More importantly, be ready to take your inspiration and turn it into a commitment to the hours, money or solidarity you are prepared to contribute to the organizations doing incredible work around Boston.

If you know of an organization doing great work, encourage their leaders to get on board so they can work with our organizing team to get their message across at the march, and get the chance to recruit committed citizens on April 8th. Tell them to join this facebook group:

Note: ALL people are welcome at this march. Period. While our speakers will all be under 25, we encourage people of all ages, genders, races, sexual orientations, religions, abilities, political leanings, histories (or lack thereof) of activism, nationalities, and everyone else.

Bring humanity back to politics and love back to citizenship.