A Celebration of our Unity

RSVP Link: http://vanburen4all.com/rsvp.html

— Brief Overview of the Day —

On behalf of Brigitte Krummel and everyone with the #indivisible group We All Belong, we’d like to invite you to join us on April 29th. We are extending this invitation throughout Southwest Michigan and beyond! This about section includes all the essential information, links and resources we’ve put together.

— We’d like to take this brief opportunity to share with you some specifics about the Celebration —

2-5 pm: During the afternoon section of our program we will have creative skits, music performances, quest speakers and family activities. This time will also allow for the different groups involved to share with everyone what they are doing. This will help all of us get to know each other better, connect, and move forward together.

5-10 pm: With having our event at camp, we will have access to the natural surroundings the rest of the day. This means we get to enjoy camp, continue to play music on open stages and socialize. We’ll also be bringing in food and concluding the evening with a campfire.

— Important Notes —

+ For both individuals and groups, please RSVP with link above.
+ This is a FREE | family friendly event.
+ Please feel invited; friends, family and neighbors.
+ We’ll be posting updates in the discussion.

— Important Event Links —

+ Invitation Video from Brigitte: https://goo.gl/iJVvRM
+ Event Flyer: http://vanburen4all.com/april-29th.html

+ If this is one of first times you are learning about this event we recommend you start w/one of our very 1st posts about the event, a letter from Brigitte, https://goo.gl/bXH6Op

— Contact & Follow Up Resources —

+ Contact Information: Van Buren For All
+ Further News & Updates: http://vanburen4all.com/take-action.html

— Additional Helpful Links Information —

Lear more about Brigitte Krummel: http://vanburen4all.com/meet-brigitte.html

Van Buren For All aims to bring people together; to share ideas, collaborate, and affect change in the political process. We are partnering with Brigitte Krummel to help promote the Celebration. We are not aligned with any political party.

The mission of the gathering is to help us get to know each other better, connect, and move forward together. We believe in a future that belongs to all of us.

HASHTAGS: #WeAllBelong, #Indivisible