Eyewitness Holocaust Testimonies

Join us to hear from Holocaust survivor Bea Karp, the third presenter in a four-part series to hear the eyewitness accounts and learn from the experiences of survivors of the Holocaust during World War II.

In 1936, Karp had her childhood stolen at the hands of Nazi tyranny. Stripped of the most basic human rights, her family was imprisoned in work camps during World War II. While Bea and her sister Susie were rescued by a children’s refugee organization, their parents — along with scores of cousins, uncles and aunts — were killed. The orphaned sisters were fortunate enough to have relatives in England to take them in.

By their teens the sisters came to America and remade themselves — marrying, bearing children, leading full lives. While Bea’s post-war years have not been tragedy-free, she’s found meaning in life and dedicated herself to educating others.

This series is presented in collaboration with the Institute for Holocaust Education. Meeting these individuals is a rare opportunity you won’t want to miss.