When I See Them, I See Us: Public Protest

This Protest and this Confernce is sponsored by- Cosecha Upstate NY – Hampton Institute – United We Dream – The Solidarity Commitee of the Capital District.

If you’d like to be apart let us know !

This will be a public protest to kick off the “When I See Them, I See Us” intersectional, anti-capitalist 2-day conference in Albany, NY.

We are uniting to take a stand against the hate for which we’ve all become targets of. We rise to cultivate, to agitate, and to empower so we can organize to breathe the agency of self determination that we so urgently need and demand.

#Wemove because Trump has emboldened a hateful right-wing movement that is rooted in Islamophobia, white supremacy, anti-semitism, misogyny, and anti-worker politics.

We want to bring the Jewish and Muslim communities together to stand against this hate.

We demand an end to the Israeli assault on Palestine, as well as a release of thousands of political prisoners in Palestine.

We demand the end of white supremacist politics in the United States, as well as the release of Mumia Abdul Jamal and Leonard Peltier.

We demand that US policy respects the human rights of immigrants, whether legal or illegal, and refugees who have been displaced throughout the world, mostly as the result of US-involved wars.

We demand an end to the Islamophobic atmosphere that has created entrapment, hate attacks, checkpoints, detention centers, borders, walls, militarized police killing us, and the overall deterioration of the rights to movement and determination for the people.

We demand an end to the militarized occupation of Lakota Sioux land, as well as an end to the DAPL project that threatens the livlihood of the Lakota people.

We demand an end to the homophobic rhetoric that has developed alongside this extreme right-wing movement emboldened by Trump., as well as the attacks on LGBT/QUEER folks. We demand #MoreThanMarriage and must #TakeBackPride for Full Federal Equality.

We demand an end to a capitalist economy that exploits and disenfranchises the majority of people in order to create an exclusive group of ultra-wealthy elites.

This intersection of struggle includes the People of Palestine, Native Peoples, Blacks everywhere, Women everywhere, migrants and refugees of color, LGBTQ peoples, and all workers.

#MoralFridays #BlackLivesMatter #Ferguson2Palestine
#NY4BDS #TakeBackPride #MoreThanMarriage #FuckIce
#FreePalestine #NotOneMore #NODAPL #NoBanNoWall

Speakers :
Farid Bitar

Mark Tilsen jr.

Colia Clark


Maha Hilal

Ramah Kudaimi

Eyad Alkurabi

Susan Massad

Michael Rice

More to come.