Run to Resist 5k – Sold Out!

Our event is FULL. We are thrilled that so many people want to participate in this event and support IRCO. Because of the size of the path at Pier Park, we had to limit our numbers. We have already paid for our permit for that number, so unfortunately, we can’t fit any more folks in. If we find an alternative way to accommodate more runners/walkers, we will announce that here.

Please consider donating to IRCO at

As Michelle Obama put it, “We are a nation founded as a rebuke to tyranny. A nation of revolutionaries who refused sovereign reign from afar. Hear me — we’re a nation that says give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. A nation built on our differences, guided by the belief that we’re all created equal.”

With these beliefs in mind and the fear for their sovereignty under the current presidential administration, we have taken it upon ourselves to help uphold them by organizing a 5k Fun Run to support IRCO, the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization.

In the face of such actions as the travel ban, the plan to build a wall between two allied countries, and the increased activity of the ICE, we invite you to come and Race to Resist.

All proceeds from the race will be donated to IRCO which “supports immigrants, refugees and mainstream community members to become self-sufficient. We strive in our programming, outreach and education to foster understanding, compassion and communication between Oregon’s established communities and newest arrivals.”

Registration for the race is $25. Register here: The race will be held at Pier Park in St. John’s on April 23 at 9:00. Bib pick-up will be from 8:00-8:45 and the race will start at 9 am.

If you want to get involved but are not a runner (or walker!), please donate directly to IRCO.

We are not affiliated with any organization. We are private citizens acting on behalf of IRCO and those unfairly targeted by the policies of the presidential administration.