What White Women Can Do to Dismantle Patriarchal White Supremacist Culture

​I’m excited to be hosting Kristin Wilson of Solutionary Apothecary for this critical workshop. This workshop is $100.00 if registered by 4/1. After that cost is $120.00. Registration ends by 4/8. Please message me to register. Please message me (EJ) if cost is prohibitive.
Bring food for potluck lunch. Tea and coffee provided.

“Healing the Divide Within: Dismantling White Supremacy Culture Workshop” with


SC White Women Group

Who: content designed for White women and participation is open to all who identify as woman of any race and culture

What: In our time together you will receive the Solutionary Apothecary:

• understanding of key traits of White Supremacy Culture
• tools and rituals to dismantle these traits daily and ensure you’re values and behaviors are aligned.
• guidance on how to continue this work with your family, relationships, and communities

When: April 22, 2017

Where: Anderson, SC

Important things for you to know about the Solutionary Apothecary way:
• This is a shame/blame free space.
• We offer tools for analysis and self awareness in order to better develop a greater capacity for critical thought as compassionate people.
• This is a lifelong process. Some questions will be answered and you will leave with new questions to consider. This workshop is one piece of a lifelong process.
• We have to believe in the possibilities of creating the world we want to see by walking our talk and learning from our mistakes.
• None of this is easy, and we must do it anyway. Humanity depends on it.
• You will learn ways to begin or better continue to dismantle White Supremacy Culture in everything you do everyday, so that you can truly be effective healers, teachers, mothers, social workers, administrators, creators, lovers, friends, allies, advocates, accomplices, community organizers, and sisters.
• There is no work more important than this.

I look forward to doing this sacred essential work with you.

Kristin Wilson, Solutionary Apothecary