Oppose the Hate at the 2017 American Renaissance Conference!

It was first announced on the neo-Nazi website Stormfront although it isn’t being promoted heavily on the American Renaissance website itself, but considering the fact that the Age of Trump has meant the neo-Fascists in this country are being confronted by those who do not want those ideals running this society, they know that AmRen 2017 is going to be met with opposition. That’s probably why the theme of this year’s conference is “Turning the Tide”, That’s not just a reference to what they think might be happening during Trump’s reign. It is also the name of a popular antifa publication by Anti-Racist Action L.A.-People Against Racist Terror! That’s a good sign that they are picking a fight, but this is the year where all realize that we do indeed need to come out and protect our freedoms like never before. Montgomery Bell Park Inn just might find itself with the biggest anti-AmRen rally they have seen since AmRen had been hosting conferences there in 2013.

The American Renaissance Conference – AmRen for short – is sponsored by the newsletter published by White Supremacist Jared Taylor, considered the godfather of the so-called ‘alt-right”. It will be held at Montgomery Bell State Park Inn, 45 minutes from Nashville, Tennessee and there is no public transportation there. They chose this location not just because it is a public facility – which means by the way that the public has a right to be inside the conference center that we should say has a great restaurant – but because it is so remote. That’s not going to deter folks this time around, and the fact that this is taking place in the summer as opposed to the usual spring outings they have, expect that even more.