Protest against Governor Greg Abbott

Since becoming Governor in 2015, Greg Abbott has proved to be an enemy of workers, people of color, immigrants, women, LGBT communities, and the differently abled. Today, Abbott supports SB 4, which aims to punish cities, counties, and higher education institutions which do not aid and abet repression against undocumented immigrants. Abbott supports SB 13, which would prohibit payroll deductions for union dues for most public employees.

As Attorney General and Governor, Abbott backed the racially discriminatory Texas voter ID law that was later gutted by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Abbott opposes women’s reproductive freedom–even in cases of rape and incest–and he backed the Texas law imposing prohibitive restrictions on abortion providers that was later overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court. Abbott has blasted the National Football League for warning the Texas Legislature about the negative consequences of passing SB 6, the anti-Transgender “bathroom bill.”

On Tuesday, April 18, the Greater Houston Partnership is hosting Abbott’s “State of the State” address at the Hilton Americas Hotel on 1600 Lamar Street. Please join us for a spirited demonstration from 11 am until 2 pm which makes clear to Abbott and his suppporters exactly what we think about him and his policies. This action is being organized by Houston Socialist Movement, Latinos Inmigrantes Triunfadores, MORENA-Houston SE, Organizacion Latino Americano Pro-Derecho Del Inmigrante, Houston Communist Party, Party for Socialism and Liberation, International Socialist Organization, and other groups. For more information, call 832.692.2306 or 713.447.4106.

The Harris County Democrats will also be protesting against Abbott. They contacted us weeks ago to discuss a possible combined action but then obtained a street closure permit exclusively for themselves. We will be there anyway, and our voices will be loud and strong. Only the masses of workers and oppressed people–not the Democrats or any other pro-business party–can bring about the fundamental social change we need.

Finally, local neo-Nazi Ken Reed has called for a counter-demonstration against HSM at the same time and location. Reed says he isn’t really a “fanboy” of Abbott but “really despises” HSM, so the “American Patriot Vanguard” promises to be there. We sure hope so. It isn’t every day that we get to demonstrate against right-wing conservatives like Abbott and fascists like Reed at the same time! Although we do not expect any problems, Houston Jail Support will be available during the action. Contact us if you would like their phone number.