Sick of Republicans failing our country, and want to do something about it? Young Democrats of Utah is hosting our annual training session and election, with experts ready to train you to better advocate for the issues that YOU care about.

Trainings so far include the ACLU, Worker’s Rights organizations, Grassroots Utah Strategies, Redistricting experts, and the Utah Rivers Council.

We will also host a debate between the State Democratic Party Chair candidates, so show up and let the future of our state party earn your vote!

Elections will be held for Young Democrats of Utah state board, Young Professionals Caucus, College Democrats, and High School Democrats! The positions availiable for election are as follows:

YDU State Board:
Vice President
National Committeeman

Young Professionals:
Vice Chair

College Democrats:
Vice Chair

High School Democrats:
Vice Chair

If you want to run, send your letter of intent to lizabeth.verse@gmail.com, best of luck on your candidacy!