Education March

On July 22, 2017 we will unite for an Education March in DC. We will stand together in recognizing our many differences for why we are attending this march. No matter what your reason is for attending we will make sure administrations HEAR OUR VOICES!

The Education March will send a message to our new administration, and to the world that education is something that is important to all of us no matter the reason that we’re there and that a lot of these issues need to be acknowledged and fixed.

If you would like to get your school involved please email:

Sign up to volunteer here:

Some reasons you may want to attend include:
– Public Education
– Student Debt
– Sanctuary Schools
– Betsy DeVos
– Budget Cuts
– Sexual Assults at College Campuses
– Common Core
– School Nuitrition
– Segregated Schools
– Equal Opportunity
– School Closings
– Overcrowding
– Lack of Diversity
– School-to-Prison Pipeline
– College-Gender Gap