Equal Rights Education March

The Betsy De Vos confirmation has shaken me. I’m not surprised it happened, but I am still sickened by it.

That’s my son in the picture for this event. He’s got something called Fragile X Syndrome and so does one of his sisters. They both have IEP’s, amazing teachers and clean, safe schools to attend.

Our oldest kid is the opposite: graduated High School two years early with the ability to concentrate on her passion in art. My kid’s lives are made possible by their Free & Appropriate Public Education.

My husband and I have had the privilege to work in business sectors that continue to provide us with the resources to live in an area with exceptional Public Education. We are lucky.

I’m sick because of the millions of kids who won’t be ok if De Vos is able to exert her agenda on the children of this country. Vulnerable kids in all communities from coast to coast.

All options need to remain on the table and be accessible by any family in America! Homeschool, Private school, Public school! And when families need access to Special Education Services, they must be available and guaranteed on the Federal level!

De Vos’ ignorance of IDEA, Public School, non-religious based Home Schooling and many other crucial pieces to education is petrifying.

Join me, bring your friends and let’s show our resistence to De Vos on May 17th, 2017, the 60th anniversary of Brown vs. Board decision on the streets of New York City.

This date was chosen because children of color in the United States continue to be underserved, under protected, under educated and under represented. A De Vos reign will ensure NOTHING will change for the better. We have an obligation to fight for these children most of all.