International Workers’ Day Teach-In

From the first days of his reactionary and authoritarian Presidency,
Trump has laid out policies in an assault on women, LGBTQ, people of color and muslims, not just in the United States but also around the world.

The Democratic Party has offered little to fight back and has clearly rejected even the most modest socialist ideas of Bernie Sanders that inspired millions of people in the primaries.

The Women’s March on Washington, International Womens’ Strike, and a Day Without An Immigrant (among many others) show the oppressed are coming together.

International Workers’ Day is the next step for the resistance. The working class is women and men, black, white, LGBTQ, following all religions or none.

Join us for a teach in about the radical history of May Day, also known as International Workers’ Day, and hear perspectives from a panel of activists on how we will win a just world for all workers and oppressed.