East Bay Progressives for Alison Hartson Canvass in Hayward

EVENT DESCRIPTION: It’s time to get involved, and when you do, it feels great! We’re only weeks away from the primary. Meet at Hayward Bart Station (not South Hayward) and get ready to spread the word about Alison Hartson. The script, maps, and detailed instructions will be provided, and we’ll pair you up with an experienced canvasser before you knock your first door.WHAT TO BRING: A smartphone is highly recommended (bring a phone bank if you have one). If you have a clipboard and pens, please bring that and a friend or two. We also recommend wearing comfortable shoes, sunblock, and a hat. Pay attention to the weather before our event so that you can adjust accordingly.DIRECTIONS AND MEET-UP: We will meet at Hayward Bart Station at noon and go over all the materials and protocols. No experience necessary! There’s a 1st time for everything!