San Leandro Rampage Canvass Team for Alison

NOW IS THE TIME!We gotta get moving because the primary is coming in June! I’m tired of these establishment democrats calling the shots, denying us Medicare for All and free college tuition, while cowering to Republicans!We don’t win by being passive. Nothing beats face-to-face voter contact for letting people know about Alison Hartson. Alison won’t be able to outspend her opponents but she can win…. WE can win by having meaningful conversations with democratic voters at their own doorsteps. The script, maps, and detailed instructions will be provided, and we’ll pair you up with an experienced canvasser before you knock your first door.WHAT TO BRING: Bring your energy. A smartphone is highly recommended (bring your phone charger). If you have a clipboard and pens, please bring that and a friend or two. We also recommend wearing comfortable shoes, sunblock, and a hat. Pay attention to the weather before our event so that you can adjust accordingly.