The Last 28ers’ Website Transfer Par-TAY: Part Sept

Welcome to The 28ers’ Website Transfer Par-TAY: Part Sept

We are getting ever closer to finishing our new website, which you can see at the following address:

So instead of doing our regular conference calls this month, we decided at The 28ers’ General Assembly to work on the website-transfer next Monday. You don’t need to be a specialist at computers to help with the debate and discussion about the design of the website, or even upload text onto the new website. Evie is coming up with a new logo (modified from the original by John Dingler) and Jeff Green will be bringing Drupal-Komputa-Know-How to the proceedings.

For folks that just want to HELP update and ADD to our existing “Graft Graph,” (also at we can show you how to use our google spreadsheet and instantly upload the neer-do-well activities of bought-and-sold politicians. We want to make the “Graft Graph” the largest database of money in politics the world has ever seen.


Matthew Snyder