Join Free and Equal’s Fourth Annual Electoral Reform Symposium

Free & Equal Election’s Fourth Annual Electoral Reform Symposium. Co-hosted by Fair Elections for Colorado.

Additional Co-hosts TBA.
2017 Electoral Reform Speakers TBA.

Please join us in person OR Live-Stream on our The Free and Equal Elections Foundation Facebook page.

Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017 from 9 AM – 5 PM MT at Infinity Park at Glendale, CO Cherry Creek Room

Topics which will be addressed include opening the debates, ballot access, proportional representation, gerrymandering, alternative voting methods (Instant Run-Off Voting, Approval Voting, Approval Voting, etc.), paper ballots vs. block chain voting, electoral college vs. popular vote, Federal Reserve, Alternative Currencies (Bitcoin, Nexus Token, etc.) and igniting a movement inspiring accountable individuals to run for local and Congressional races beginning in 2018.

Organizers are also developing an Election Assistant App to assist and inform voters of all their individual candidate choices and information to help voters make a conscious voting decision – not just from two parties. Coming in 2017.

Free and Equal has a history of organizing engaging events that thousands have looked to that educate, inform and inspire voters to get involved in the political process.


See our list of speakers below who participated last year during our third annual 2016 Electoral Reform Symposium at Infinity Park:

Nation’s Leading Electoral Experts Gather for Urgent Symposium: Topics Include Election Fraud, Voting Machines, Ballot Access, Two-Party System, Value of Electoral College

Secretary of State of Colorado Mr. Wayne Williams

Approval Voting – Frank Atwood

The Center for Election Science – Aaron Hamlin & Andy Jennings

FairVote – Rob Richie

See POLITICAL – Nate Kaplan

Voter – Hunter Scarborough

2016 Presidential Candidates
Addressing Electoral Reform

Constitution Party – Darrell Castle
Independent – Roque De La Fuente – Harvie Branscomb

Follow My Vote – Adam Kaleb Ernest – Sharon Meroni

Free and Equal Elections – Christina Tobin – Harvie Branscomb

Approval Voting – Frank Atwood

Ballot Access News – Richard Winger

Third Annual 2016 Electoral Reform Symposium Event Summary:

As a polarized country grapples with an election that offered the two most unpopular candidates in history, many of the nation’s leading electoral reform experts will come together for The Free and Equal Elections Foundation’s Third Annual Electoral Reform Symposium.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016 from 9 AM – 5 PM MT at Infinity Park at Glendale, CO Cherry Creek Room. The timing of the conference is especially critical as a nationwide movement is underway to abandon the electoral college.

The goal of the conference is to discuss answers to what many observers believe to be a current broken system. Founder Christina Tobin has invited top experts from the nation to come together and offer advice on how we as a country can fix politics to work for us, not against us as it has for so long.

Secretary of State of Colorado Mr. Wayne Williams is a keynote speaker scheduled to speak at 9:30AM MST.

Frank Atwood of Approval Voting, Aaron Hamlin of The Center for Election Science (Live Stream). Rob Richie of FairVote (Live Stream) will discuss how Maine became the first state in the country to pass rank choice voting.

Richard Winger of Ballot Access News (Live Stream) will share news and views from his rich perspective of studying ballot law changes over the last thirty years.

Harvie Branscomb of Election Integrity will discuss voting systems such as internet voting and vote-by-mail ballots. Adam Kaleb Ernest of Follow My Vote (Live Stream) will speak about the dangers of electronic voting machines and the solution to end the fraud they perpetrate.

Hunter Scarborough of Voter (Live Stream) and Nate Kaplan of SeePolitical (Live Stream) will share what steps can be taken to make voting easier and understand the initiative process.

Organizers also plan to showcase the interesting, diverse views and solutions from the 2016 presidential candidates of the Constitution Party Darrell Castle (Live Stream) and Independent candidate of the Reform and Delta American Party Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente (Live Stream).

Additional topics which will be addressed include the electoral college, popular vote, money in politics, gerrymandering, opening the debates and igniting a movement inspiring individuals to run for local and Congressional races beginning in 2018